Paradise Creek

** Please note; we are happy to have so many participants in our prep clinic -- and we are FULL.   I still have not scheduled every lesson requested.  

If you want to scratch any lessons, please let me know ASAP (=, and if you find a problem (i.e. I've scheduled you at the same time in 2 places), let me know -- BUT, please understand that with so many riders, flexibility for changes will be at a minimum.    -- Lisa  

Updated 6/24/24, 5pm:    --->   2024 Hopeful Prep Clinic Schedule  


2024 Hopeful DRAFT ride times -- final times on site by 2pm on Friday, June 28th


2024 Pony Club Camp Participants 





Concessions available:  Wednesday,  June 26th -- Dinner, and Thursday,  June 27th -- Breakfast & Lunch

**Pre-Paid orders by June 23rd -- via the website LINK HERE **





Concessions available on Saturday, June 29th (during the Hopeful Horse Trials)

** Cash Only **






Deary 2024 Updates:


June 26-28:  Hopeful Prep Camp    EVENT INFORMATION     On-line Entry (BEST viewed on desktop)

**open for entries extended to June 12th!!**
June 28-29: Hopeful Horse Trials   EVENT INFORMATION     On-line Entry (BEST viewed on desktop)

June 30 - July 3: Pony Club Camp   EVENT INFORMATION     On-line Entry (BEST viewed on desktop)











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